Accelerate Your Results & Outcomes 

by Collapsing Time working with a 100X Certified Coach

Accelerate Your Results & Outcomes 

by Collapsing Time working with a 100X Certified Coach

Here's What This Investment of $95 Includes:

  • 30-Minute Clarity Call with one of our Certified Coaches
  • Support & Resources for your Next Steps
God wants to bless you & your entrepreneurial journey. If you are ready to get focused and discover what will make the most immediate impact on your life now, get started with a 30-Minute Clarity Call!


Sonja procrastinated, self-sabotaged, and was fearful of moving forward UNTIL she started working with a 100X Certified Coach...


  • She had an idea…..
  • She knew she was a procrastinator
  • ​She knew she self-sabotaged over and over
  • ​She knew she had a better chance of taking the action if she had someone to hold her accountable
  • ​She knew what she wanted to accomplish
  • ​She did not know how
  • ​She was frustrated with Tech actually more paralyzed with it
  • ​She hated doing pictures let alone VIDEOS or LIVES
  • ​She knew she was hiding behind a HUGE WALL OF FEAR and Insecurities


  • She is about to launch her first Math Level Up Challenge
  • She watched hours and hours of videos and replays of Pedros 
  • She learned the language and definition of the world she had just stepped into. She worked HARD on Micro Niching DOWN and really calling her WHO out 
  • ​She pushed THROUGH her fears and bought domains and set up email responder accounts, payment methods, and even YES CLICKFUNNELS. 
  • ​She created her own Graphics & wrote her own copy
  • She put dynamite to her fear of doing videos and CREATED SO many for her ads she has enough for the next 10 challenges
  • ​She found an overseas VA and someone to help run offer program for her 
  • ​She learned how to set up her ad account and is in the process of setting up the campaign and ad sets as Stephen instructed her to do during her hot seat
  • ​She is finishing the offer funnel and is ready to IGNITE and rinse and repeat 
The confidence that Sonja has experienced in every bump along the way has shown how much she has grown and learned about herself!  

Now she is ready to launch not only challenge, but her business!

Are you ready to get breakthrough like Sonja did and get 12 Months of Results within 30 Days by working with a 100X Certified Coach?

Check Out These Testimonials from people working with our 100X Certified Coaches!

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